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Popcorn oldies are very specific hits from the end of the 50ties, early 60ties of the former century …

The name "Popcorn" refers to the special dance music that became a hit at the end of the sixties in the Belgian discotheques. Also the Dutch discotheques tried to popularize the exclusive genre mid seventies. Finally the genre vanished at the end of the eighties.

The music I am talking about, the so-called popcorn oldies, dates from the period 1954-1967. Especially the United States were the cradle of the genre. The music came to a head in 1961 and 1962. It is easy to dance on Popcorn-music, because of the rhythm & blues and Latin-American influences.

It is not simple to typify Popcorn-oldies.

Popcorn-oldies can be described as a sensual mélange of doo wop, especially soul and rhythm & blues, cha cha, and also a bit of highschool rock & roll. Later on some ska and reggae influences were added. But popcorn oldies are mainly soul. The whole concept created an exclusive atmosphere of an, according to some, obscure nightclub in New York. Maybe you can simply say that the popcorn sound is the precursor of the soul, and consequently of the disco, the hip hop, the rap and the house.

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